Cary Tennis

NMLS#: 1184587
CELL PHONE: 979-220-4046

ADDRESS: 4438 State Hwy 6 S #501, College Station TX, 77845



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The Cary Tennis Team

Cary is super enthusiastic about helping families realize their dreams and build wealth through homeownership. She is an advisor, teacher, coach, and cheerleader for her customers as she guides them through the process of buying a home.
Married to a US Marine, Cary is especially passionate about serving veterans. And as a former business-owner, she specializes in helping self-employed borrowers navigate the process of buying a home. Cary’s Loan Partners, Mandy Hantla and Josh Campbell (also her daughter and son) are well-seasoned lenders and knowledgeable about a myriad of products and solutions, rounding out the team to provide a very smooth and pleasant buying experience.
As a member of Christ Church, she enjoys singing and serving in various leadership roles. Besides spending time with her three children and seven grandchildren, Cary loves to relax by travelling and reading anything and everything.