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About Juan

Juan Martinez, has been in the Mortgage Industry for over 15 years & has had the pleasure of helping Hundreds of Families with the financing of their homes. He enjoys working with his clients & being able to meet their specific financing needs. He often finds solutions for his clients, after they were denied or given the run-around by other lending institutions. Juan pride himself in taking the stress out of the mortgage process & assisting his clients with the dream of home ownership.

As a wholesale banker, he is able to shop rates & programs with several leadings banks, including Wells Fargo, Chase, Cit & many others. Pilgrim Mortgage underwrites, funds & close your loan “in-house”, making for a smooth process, from start to finish. Juan has several loan programs at his disposal, including; FHA, VA, Texas Vet, Conventional, Land & Lot Loans, Construction, Refinances, 2nd Liens and many more. He can assist you with the purchase or refinance your next property, anywhere in the state of Texas.

By working with Juan & his team, you can rest assure that they will cover every detail of the financing process & help make it a pleasurable experience. His goal, is that you’ll be so happy working with him & his team, that you’ll have no doubts about referring him to your friends & family.

Juan Martinez
NMLS # 339601
Cell:      210-396-0574
Office:  210-499-4200 ext 257

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